Written by: Sean Hakes

Are you considering marketing your e commerce website though various internet marketing mediums such as Search Marketing or Search Engine Optimization? Before you decide to launch your new e commerce website there are a few things you must consider.

Purchasing a 3rd party website builder for your e commerce store is a viable and affordable solution, but before selecting your web store ensure your provider can give you access to the following.

  1. FTP Access – Allows you to tweak code as necessary for SEO and required tracking codes for Google Analytics, State Counter, Google Site Maps etc…
  2. Ability to control web page titles – Your website and web page titles plays an important role on dictating your websites ranking.

Many websites like Motorcycle Depot use 3rd party shopping tools to host their online web stores. This is fine and dandy but it’s important to have the flexibility needed to ensure your new web store is marketable utilizing internet marketing standards.

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