Written by: Sean Hakes

Urban Voice Media recently launched Roof Phoenix .net a subsidiary web portal for Prestige Partner Group.

According to Google’s keyword toolRoof Phoenix is one of the most common and popular search terms for consumers in the Phoenix metro area with just over 6.7 million websites competing.

I am pleased to see that just overnight we have landed Roof Phoenix.net is on the first page of Google maintaining instant results for roofing projects.

Who is Roof Phoenix.net?
Prestige Partner Group, LLC a Colorado and Arizona based construction management and professional contractor services. Roof Denver.net is a web portal that allows consumers in Arizona to submit a free estimate project request. The project instantly gets sent to a certified Phoenix Roofing Contractor.

For more information about Prestige Partner Group, LLC you can visit them online at www.myprestigepartners.com.

Who is Urban Voice Media, LLC?

Urban Voice Media, LLC is a prestige internet marketing and sales lead development company based in Denver, CO. Urban Voice Media focuses on search mediums such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing within specialized trades such as contractor marketing, e-commerce and more. For more information call Urban Voice Media at 720-335-6435.