Considering remodeling your home in a disastrous market? Here are some tips to ensure you hire a safe and ethical contractor!

“Prestige Partner Group is a consumer’s best friend – find out why most wouldn’t go any other way”

Wheat Ridge, CO, September 4, 2008 – For many home owners, finding a half completed home improvement project is an unfortunate reality. Many times, especially in a bad economic market –some contractors may have everything but ethical intentions when entering your home and your project.

“Many times consumers are tricked into thinking they are hiring an ethical licensed contractor – when in reality they may be hiring a unlicensed, uninsured contractor who may be conforming a plot to empty your pocket by implementing an all too well known tactic that leaves you the loser,” said Sean Hakes, Chairman of Prestige Partner Group.

Prestige Partner Group research shows that a little bit of research can and will pay-off and leave home owners with a completed satisfactory project.

Check with the Colorado Secretary of State:
Go online to which allows you to quickly and easily search the Colorado business database. Find out if the contractor you are hiring holds the appropriate state business license to perform work in the state of Colorado.

Check with your local BBB office:
Many times you won’t find the specific contractor or business with your local BBB office. Research the company online at – if you can’t find anything out about the specific person or company, contact your local BBB office to help with your research.

Google is your best friend:
Google the person and companies name. Using quotation marks in your search helps filter out non-related terms (i.e. “John Doe Contractor”), adding the city and/or the word review will help you find reviews on the company your searching for. If you can’t find any information… this may be a good indicator that the business isn’t legitimate or they very new to the field.

Look at social networking websites:
As goofy as this sounds – a good percent of the public are members of popular social networking websites like and Visit and perform a person search using their name and an estimated zip code. This will allow you to narrow your search. If you find them – you may find information about them that will help make your hiring decision.

Check the local licensing authority
If the contractor is a skill trade contractor who is required to be licensed by Denver, you can now verify the business online and see their licensing status here.

Check with Prestige Partner Group
Prestige Partner Group (PPG) is a professional contractor’s organizations that are prescreened professionals who abide by the Prestige promise and the Prestige Consumer Code of Ethics. In order to be granted membership to the Prestige Partner Group preferred contractor organization – contractors must have current licensing, a satisfactory record with the State, local BBB office and PPG, the contractor must have adequate insurance coverage required by the state. Last the company owner must accept a criminal background check and agree to project responsibility and 100% customer satisfaction.

Visit Prestige Partner Group online at to find a screened home improvement professional for your project – it’s about time you slept at night knowing your project and home is secure!